Wolf Spitz has a double hair: a under hair and a top coat. It must be properly brushed to keep the skin healthy and in order to not smell the dog.

We know two periods of moulting for the Wolf Spitz, when it will be necessary to brush your wolf a little more often.

Control the ears (if the duct isn't red or if the ear smell bad), eyes, cut the nails (if you do not know ask your veterinarian).

Contrary to what one might think, despite his dense fur, this dog does not require very important care.

Indeed, it only takes a weekly brushing, always hairback, because the German Spitz has a very dense undercoat that keeps straight the top coat.

To maintain this fur, it is necessary to use a simple brush (frame), comb (for the knots behind ears, etc ...) and a detangling brush.

The brushing should have the effect of lathering the dog's hair, kept in the air by its thick undercoat which perfectly protects it from the weather.

Another thing to avoid: frequent baths. The Spitz has the particularity of having a « self-cleaning hair ». One or two washings per year are enough.

In case of defilement, obviously, the only washing that will be necessary will be that of the pants. The use of a good shampoo (type of shampoo sold in dog show or specialized pet shop) and a good drying will maintain a healthy skin

The Wolf Spitz has the particularity of « not smelling the dog ».

Regarding grooming for exhibitions: we advise you to come back to us for further explanations.

Also, avoid bringing your dog to a groomer who doesn't know the German Spitz. This could turn into a real massacre. Get informed before! Today, very few groomers, are able to groom the German Spitz without distorting them.